Allen's Aquarium Service of Mississippi

Welcome to Allen's Aquarium Service!

Allen's Aquarium Service is based in Central Mississippi and will service any type of aquarium in the area. Aquariums can be an expensive investment and care can be difficult. But with Allen's Aquarium Service any level of service can be provided for your Aquarium. Protect your investment! Contact Allen Turner and get your aquarium the service that will keep it heathy and beautiful.


Allen Turner has years of experience with all types of aquariums. Allen's Aquarium Service can make saltwater and RO water, do monthly maintenance, do the water changes and set up or move aquariums. The service is worry free so that you can enjoy your aquarium. 

Here are a few pictures of my Aquarium and its inhabitants.

Allen's Aquarium

Another Shot of the Aquarium

Coral Frog Coral Blue Regal Tang Clown Fish